The Benefits for Real Estate Tokenization

Move to Digital

Investment process becomes streamlined and digital, reducing costs and making you attractive for investors from all over the world.

Attract smaller investors

Fractionalization dramatically reduces investment threshold. Minimum investment starting from €250.

Enable trading

Security tokens can be easily traded, which reduces risks for investors. You can enable trading of tokens via the DS Swap. DS Swap.

More efficient management

The transfer of assets to the blockchain provides full transparency for both company owners and investors.

Enable fractional ownership

Tokenization of real estate allows one property to be owned by thousands of investors.

Reach Global Investors

Transcend the physical limits! Now investors from any corner of the globe can purchase a fraction of your real estate.

Get More Capital

Capital is a key resource for growing business. As now you can reach more investors, you can raise more funds for your business needs.

Ownership protection

Once entered into the blockchain, data
cannot be edited without the owner’s permission or the execution of a smart contract.


STOBOX | Security Token Offering

Stobox is an award-winning fintech & tokenization company that provides a turn key technology solution to help clients leverage digital assets and tokenized securities.

Tokenization is a revolutionary technology that allows any property owner to reach more investors worldwide. It represents a piece of ownership of the real estate in a blockchain-based token, making it more accessible for investors of any scale.