Moissac Abbey, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Great Site of Midi-Pyrénées, is famous for its door and cloister, with architecture that makes it a masterpiece of Romanesque art. The south door of the Church of Saint-Pierre, a real gem from the 12th century, displays a finely sculpted tympanum depicting Christ in Majesty and the Apocalypse according to St. John. Inside the building, the chancel and its enclosing wall in sculpted stone, a Romanesque Christ from the 12th century, a Virgin of Pity, a Flight to Egypt and an Entombment from the 15th century are on display to visitors.

Another marvel to be seen in the abbey is the prestigious Romanesque cloister and its 76 superb sculpted capitals, dating from the late 11th century and adorned with narrative scenes about the lives of the saints and biblical scenes. There’s plenty for lovers of religious art to admire! A big cedar, over 200 years old, adds to the charm and the serenity of the whole place. At the south-west corner of the cloister, a narrow staircase leads to the upper room – the chapel of St. Michael in the Romanesque architectural style – located in the abbey church’s bell tower, above the narthex. During the summer, the town of Moissac holds cultural events, such as the Festival of the Voice in July, and classical music concerts in July and August.