Built on a peninsula by the River Lot, the old town of Cahors offers a pleasant atmosphere with its narrow streets and its architecture. Symbol of the city, the Valentré bridge built in the 14th century is today a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This magnificent fortified structure with arches and cutwaters is the only bridge in the world to have three towers! You can get a perfect view of the Valentré bridge from the pretty riverbank or on board one of the boats which navigate the meanders of the River Lot.

In the lively old town, the majestic Saint-Etienne cathedral, topped by two domes, possesses a beautiful Romanesque portal with carved tympanums. Not far, the public garden Olivier-de-Magny lined by beautiful old houses, the Roaldès mansion, and the numerous narrow shopping lanes make Cahors a very pleasant place, especially since the medieval town is also a gastronomic centre with among others its famous red wine.