Willows MDQ is a new generation holiday resort, which delivers a high-quality lifestyle at a reasonable cost. It incorporates modern sustainability technologies to reduce the carbon footprint and protect the environment.


Luxury Retreat

Willows Retreat will take you on a journey of discovery, promising unique experiences with the finest ingredients. Located in the heart of Europe, our eco-Luxury development is your gateway to the stunning landscapes of France’s Southwest region.


Each Home has been engineered to incorporate sustainable technologies, such as Solar Electric Panels, Solar Thermal Panels, Climate Control, Eco-Smart LED, Rainwater Harvesting.

5 Star Holiday Eco Villas

34 Luxury Eco Holiday Villas, situated on 18-acres of meadow with an Edible Orchard & Organic Vegetable Garden.​

Each Villa has been designed to provide an exceptional indoor/outdoor lifestyle experience.

Prime Location

Montaigu-de-Quercy is a picturesque town, its environment and leisure are highly valued. MDQ is located in Tarn-et-Garonne, in the Occitan region, dating back to the 12th Century.

34 Luxury Eco Lifestyle Holiday Villas

3D-animation of the resort

Willows is already fully designed and visualized. The only thing left is to actually build it.

Willows Retreat Sustainability Technologies

Each Villa has been engineered to incorporate the following technology

Our solar panels have been developed using thin-film solar technology and monocrystalline technology that combines excellent energy generation with cutting-edge aesthetic design.

We will provide enough solar panels as a standard to ensure maximum energy generation and excess energy will be exported back into the national grid for income.

We will use a solar thermal system using panels to create heat for the provision of hot water. The solar thermal panels will meet all of the hot water demands from the villas.

Air source heat pumps extract energy from the environment with the highest high efficiency, creating a renewable heating and cooling solution.

Our eco ISmart LED lighting uses minimal energy there for reducing the requirement for electricity and reducing the associated CO2 emissions that come with electricity production.

Our domestic rainwater harvesting range incorporates fine filtration to ensure the highest possible water quality for use in and around Willows Retreat.