One of the key competitive advantages of Willows MDQ retreat is its highly lucrative location. It ensures strong interest from tourists, which will provide the resort with sufficient cash to pay its obligations.

Moreover, it also means that price of the land and property is likely to increase, further protecting token holders.


Sightseeing Opportunities

Connecting with a long rich history

The history of Montaigu de Quercy spans back by a millennium. The area has dozens of historical places, which allows visitors to immerse themselves in the past. Similar to how lakes and orchards help overcome detachment from Nature, places of the past overcome detachment from History. Our present stems from our past in myriad unseen ways. By helping visitors to connect with the Past, Willows allows for a better understanding and appreciation of the Present.


Moissac Abbey, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Great Site of Midi-Pyrénées, is famous for its door and cloister, with architecture that makes it a masterpiece of Romanesque art. The south door of the Church of Saint-Pierre, a real gem from the 12th century, displays a finely sculpted tympanum depicting Christ in Majesty and the Apocalypse according to St. John.


Today serving as the mayor’s office, the originally medieval Château de Fumel was remodeled in the 18th century. Its splendid terraced gardens overlooking the Lot valley offer a wonderful panoramic view of the river and surroundings.


Built on a peninsula by the River Lot, the old town of Cahors offers a pleasant atmosphere with its narrow streets and its architecture. Symbol of the city, the Valentré bridge built in the 14th century is today a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Founded in the 13th century by Edward I of England, the fortified town of Monpazier possesses a magnificent arcaded square and a beautiful wooden covered market hall. The square's houses covered in climbing roses add real charm.


Recreation via Action

Participation in sports activities enhances recreational experience at Willows

Willows is not only about comfort and tranquility but also fun and self-expression. Modern jobs often make us forget about our physicality. Sport is a great way to connect with one’s own body and thus experience life more fully. Moreover, sport is also a great way to build a connection with other people via shared experiences.

Experience Beekeeping

Visit beekeepers in the area. See how it works.

Hiking – network of thematic trails

Outings in Montaigu-de-Quercy

Horse-riding Trails & Adventure

Have you ever dreamed of lush and soothing landscapes? To be far away, far from the stressful city life ?

2 freshwater lakes within Montaigu De Quercy

Come and discover a place of relaxation, in the heart of nature, where you will enjoy a white sand beach for your moments of idleness or the lake to learn about different activities.