Financial Modelling:

This model has been produced to provide a financial assessment of the construction of a 34 single-story lodge vacation resort, along with a single staff unit to enable an on-site management presence 24/7.  The business model is based on 100% rental via, Air BNB, online booking platforms.  This document provides a walkthrough of the model, its constituent parts, the primary drivers, and the assumptions that go to make up the ten-year budget.  Detailed information with regards to the concept, construction, and operation of the facility can be obtained from Stoneguard Head Office.

Willows Retreat: Unique Selling Points

  • Servicing an established tourism hot spot.

  • Location, location, location & accessibility by road, train, or air.

  • Gated retreat with exclusive access to the edible orchard, organic vegetable garden​

  • Eco Villa has been designed to provide an indoor/outdoor lifestyle experience
  • Eco-friendly & Eco-efficient construction materials incorporated throughout the development

  • Renewable technology & Sustainable materials incorporated throughout the development

Proposed Pricing

Investment Memorandum / Business Plan / Budget Structure & Financial Modelling

Stoneguard Ecosystem White Paper 

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SG Willows Retreat MDQ Business Plan

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SG Willows Retreat MDQ Budget Structure

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