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Meet The Team

Chairman & Founder

Michael Hinman

As a leading figure in the international market on façade and lightweight steel, Mike has an enviable reputation for his professional expertise, achievements, and personal commitment to new construction technologies.

As Chairman of the Stoneguard Group, Mike heads a unique organization committed to the supply of ecological, highly advanced solutions to the world’s eco-practical construction and renewable energy needs.

Chief Executive Officer

Andy Karia

Andy’s background is entrepreneurial. After having had considerable success initially in the UK housing industry, Andy turned his attention to the sustainable renewable energy and sustainable housing sector, Biomass & Sustainable Forestry.

Today Andy is Chief Executive Officer for Silva Ortus Group & Stoneguard Ltd. Silva Ortus is now operational in 3 continents.

MD of Acre Planning Ltd. Master planner for Willows MDQ

Tim Brookman

Acre Planning Ltd combines a creative approach to design and spatial planning using a landscape-led strategy underpinned by our experience of delivering residential, tourism, and commercial schemes.

Over 15 years of practice in the private and public sectors have secured specialized knowledge ideally suited to anticipate classic project pitfalls and ensure the success of your scheme.

CTO | Tokenization & Blockchain

Borys Pikalov

Borys is a prominent figure in the world of asset tokenization. He co-founded Stobox, an award-winning asset tokenization provider, and wrote a book on security token offering.

Borys contributes to the development of the industry as an educator, as a participant of associations developing tokenization standards, and as a keynote speaker on the global platform.

Project Manager

Tom Woods

Tom provides Project Management services and has a wide range of experience across the various sectors of the Construction Industry. Tom has been involved with the development, design, and construction of many bespoke projects.

Tom appreciates that such projects usually have fast program requirement in tandem with the necessity of achieving the agreed cost and quality parameters.

Forest Production Tech

Collins Yaw Faakye

Collin’s background is exclusive with the sustainable forestry sector, initially in Ghana, now across West Africa.

He was providing on the ground strategic, financial, and operational leadership, in addition, to implementing and overseeing the establishing new plantations of Teak wood silviculture, and the supply of regulated hardwood to UK, EU, India & China.

Head of Social Media & Digital Marketing

Eleonora Shvets

Previously journalist, Eleonora is an experienced digital marketer with a wide background in promoting crypto, consumer goods, non-profits, and high-precision equipment.

Eleonora is a “digital native”, deeply embedded into social media, which allows her to execute a successful multiplatform campaign and ensure due recognition of Willows MDQ.

Director of Health & Resource

Maud Ofosuaa

Innovative Management Specialist dedicated to boosting all areas of operations and business administration.

The driven leader with a proven track record of enhancing operations by conducting in-depth analyses and implementing changes yielding impactful results.

Talented at developing strategies and communications to help businesses reach and engage target audiences.

Chief Sustainability Officer

David Collett

An experienced hands-on Executive Chairman with a career spanning 45 years at the Board level across the automotive, healthcare, financial services, sectors.

David is now spearheading innovative technologies in the green energy and sustainable agriculture sector. Since 2012 combined innovative farming and renewable technologies to maximize food security for countries in Africa.

Environmental Director

Robert Paulden

Robert has been involved in sustainability accreditation for over 20 years. He is involved with central government agencies, and also advises six local educational establishments in sustainability projects.

These include Nottingham, Guildford, Kingston, St Marys, and Stoke Poges Universities, and Farnham College.


Innovate each project with no exceptions.


Always overdeliver to our clients.


Build things that inspire people.


Our strong belief is that only businesses living up to their social, economic, and environmental responsibilities can be sustainable. We also regard sustainability as an important factor in our strategic success. Our clients receive state-of-the-art technologies and solutions. These solutions are innovative, efficient, and minimize the consumption of resources. We help contribute to environmental protection and thereby the conservation of natural resources. Sustainable thinking is therefore an important part of everything we do.


Sustainability has always been an integrated part of The Stoneguard Group policy. It is reflected in the daily work of each Stoneguard employee as well as in the management principles and business processes implemented within the Stoneguard Group.

Michael Hinman
– Group Chairman & Founder

“We at Stoneguard are committed to sustainable development. For Stoneguard, sustainable development encompasses a full set of environmental measures but at the same time goes beyond them.”